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Wii Hardware Upgrade Won’t Happen Soon

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As high-definition graphics become more and more entrenched in this generation of game consoles, Nintendo has had to deal with constant speculation about a new version of the Wii that would increase its capabilities. Today, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime bluntly denied that a hardware revision was imminent, saying, “We are confident the Wii home entertainment console has a very long life in front of it.” He added, “In terms of what the future holds, we’ve gone on record to say that the next step for Nintendo in home consoles will not be to simply make it HD, but to add more and more capability, and we’ll do that when we’ve totally tapped out all of the experiences for the existing Wii. And we’re nowhere near doing that yet.”

Source: Wii Hardware Upgrade Won’t Happen Soon

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