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Is RCA’s Airnergy Snake Oil?

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Ben Newman writes “Of all the tech that’s come out of CES this week, nothing has gotten the blogosphere more excited then the RCA Airnergy. A lot of people love the thought of an ever-recharging cell phone, and the Airnergy promises to constantly charge its internal battery through 2.4GHz wireless signals. Neat idea, but as some commenters have pointed out the energy just isn’t there to make this work — BOTECs for a full charge range from 100 days to 32 years. Plus, don’t let the RCA brand fool you into thinking this must be from a legitimate company: RCA hasn’t existed as anything more then a licensed brand name for a couple of decades. So what do Slashdotters think — real deal or 21st century hokum?”

Source: Is RCA’s Airnergy Snake Oil?

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