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IPv4 Will Not Die In 2010

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darthcamaro writes “A couple of years ago, the big shots at IANA (that’s the people that handle internet addressing) issued a release stating that the IPv4 address space was likely to be gone by 2010. Here we are in 2010 and guess what, IPv4 with its 4.3 billion addresses will NOT be all used up this year. In fact there could be another two years worth of addresses still left at this point. ‘We’re at about 10.2 percent (IPv4 address space) remaining globally,” John Curran, president and CEO of ARIN said. “At our current trend rate we’ve got about 625 days before we will not have new IPv4 addresses available. We’re still handling IPv4 requests from ISPs, hosting companies and large users for IPv4 address space, but that’s a very short time period.’”

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