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Which Math For Programmers?

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An anonymous reader writes “It is no news that the greatest computer scientists and programmers are/were mathematicians. As a kid ‘hacking’ if-else programs, I was not aware of the importance of math in programming, but few years later, when I read Engines of Logic by Martin Davis I started becoming increasingly more convinced of this. Unfortunately, math doesn’t return my love, and prefers me to struggle with it. Now, as the end of the semester approaches, I am faced with a dilemma: What math subject to choose next? I have two choices: ‘Discreet structures with graph theory’ (discrete math; proofs, sets, algorithms and graphs) on one side, and ‘Selected math chapters’ (math analysis; vectors, euclidean space, differentials) on the other. I’m scared of the second one because it’s said to be harder. But contrary to my own opinion, one assistant told me that it would be more useful for a programmer compared to the first subject. Then again, he’s not a programmer. That’s why I turn to you for help, fellow slashdotters — any advice?”

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