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VC Defends Farmville, Touts Virtual Tractor Sales

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theodp writes “In a blog post, venture capitalist Fred Wilson gives his thoughts on ripe areas for tech investment in 2010 — mobile, gaming, new forms of commerce/currency, Cloud platforms/APIs, education and energy/environment. Asked to comment on scams and social gaming (he is an investor in Zynga), Wilson defended Zynga’s Farmville: ‘Zynga makes almost all of its revenue on virtual goods. I said in my etsy/san telmo post the other day that more tractors are sold every day in Farmville than are sold in the US every year. That’s where the money is in social gaming. The “scammy ads” thing is total red herring that everyone got excited about but is almost entirely irrelevant.’”

Source: VC Defends Farmville, Touts Virtual Tractor Sales

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