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Technology Changes To Kill Netbooks?

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The BBC is reporting that the netbook craze may already be nearing the end of its run. Citing rising netbook prices and many other evolving technologies that can potentially fill that gap some critics think that the limited power of netbooks will ultimately bring about the quick demise of the once popular device. “Ian Drew, spokesman for chip designer Arm, also believes netbooks are in for a shake-up. Consumers, he said, were chafing against the restrictions that using a netbook imposed on them. ‘We have failed the consumer because we have imposed constraints on them,’ he said. Changing web habits and greater use of social media will mean consumers will be looking for gadgets that are tuned to specific purposes. ‘It will be a lot of different machines for a lot of different people,’ he said. ‘This whole market will be exploding in the next couple of years.’ Impetus for this change will come, he believes, from the phone world where many, many types of gadgets are already blooming.”

Source: Technology Changes To Kill Netbooks?

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