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DRM and the Destruction of the Book

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Hugh Pickens writes “EFF reports that Cory Doctorow spoke to a crowd of about a hundred librarians, educators, publishers, authors, and students at the National Reading Summit on How to Destroy the Book and said that ‘anyone who claims that readers can’t and won’t and shouldn’t own their books are bent on the destruction of the book, the destruction of publishing, and the destruction of authorship itself.’ Doctorow says that for centuries, copyright has acknowledged that sacred connection between readers and their books and that when you own a book ‘it’s yours to give away, yours to keep, yours to license or to borrow, to inherit or to be included in your safe for your children’ and that ‘the most important part of the experience of a book is knowing that it can be owned.’”

Source: DRM and the Destruction of the Book

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