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Midwest Seeing Red Over ‘Green’ Traffic Lights

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theodp writes “Many municipalities have switched to LED traffic signals because they burn brighter, last longer and use 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs. But they also emit less heat, meaning they sometimes have trouble melting snow, causing problems across the Midwest. In Wisconsin, snow blanketed LED traffic lights in some towns, leading to crashes at intersections where drivers weren’t sure whether to stop or go. The unintended consequences of the green technology were also identified as a ‘contributing factor’ in the death of an Illinois woman hit by a driver who blamed the snow-covered energy-efficient signal for giving the appearance of a normal green light instead of a left-turn signal. ‘We can remove the snow with heat, but the cost of doing that in terms of energy use has not brought any enthusiasm from cities and states that buy these signals,’ said the CEO of an LED traffic-signal manufacturer. ‘They’d like to be able to take away this issue, but they don’t want to spend the money and lose the savings.’ In the meantime, some towns are addressing sporadic problems by dispatching crews to remove snow or ice from signals using poles, brooms, and heating devices.” We were discussing these recently at the office — several folks in the building are red/green color blind and different street lights are differently distinguishable.

Source: Midwest Seeing Red Over ‘Green’ Traffic Lights

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