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Adobe Flash To Be Top Hacker Target In 2010

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An anonymous reader writes “Adobe Systems’ Flash and Acrobat Reader products will become the preferred targets for criminal hackers [pdf] in 2010, surpassing Microsoft Office applications, a security vendor predicted this week. ‘Cybercriminals have long picked on Microsoft products due to their popularity. In 2010, we anticipate Adobe software, especially Acrobat Reader and Flash, will take the top spot,’ security vendor McAfee said in its ’2010 Threat Predictions’ report (PDF). ‘We have absolutely seen an increase in the number of attacks, around Reader in particular and also Flash Player to some extent,’ CTO Kevin Lynch told reporters at the Adobe Max conference in October. ‘We’re working to decrease the amount of time between when we know about a problem and when we release a fix. That used to be a couple of months; now it’s within two weeks for critical issues.’”

Source: Adobe Flash To Be Top Hacker Target In 2010

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