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First Tablet Using PixelQi Screen On The Way

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Azureflare writes “The first device using a PixelQi screen has been confirmed. It is produced by Nokia, and it appears they took a few design tips from Apple by sticking with a design that has tapered edges. This Nokia Tablet should give Apple a run for their money, especially considering the recently confirmed rumor of an Apple tablet. ‘The Notion Ink smartpad measures 6.3 x 9.8 x 0.6 inches and weighs 1.7lbs; as well as the tri-band (850/1900/2100) UMTS/HSDPA, WiFi b/g and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR it also squeezes in A-GPS, a digital compass, accelerometer and proximity, ambient light and water sensors. Connectivity includes USB, HDMI, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a microphone input, and there’s also a 3-megapixel auto-focus camera with video recording support. Onboard storage is either 16GB or 32GB of SSD, and there’s an SD slot for augmenting that.’”

Source: First Tablet Using PixelQi Screen On The Way

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