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IsoHunt Guilty of Inducing Infringement

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roju writes “The MPAA has won a summary judgment against torrent indexing site isoHunt for inducing copyright infringement. Michael Geist notes that ‘[t]he judge ruled that the isoHunt case is little different from other US cases such as Napster and Grokster, therefore concluding that there is no need to proceed to a full trial and granting Columbia Pictures request for summary judgment.’ Attorney Ben Sheffner, who worked on the case for Fox, explains some of the implications, noting that ‘the most significant ruling in the opinion was the court’s holding that the DMCA’s safe harbors are simply not available where inducement has been established.’ This case could have implications on other indexing sites, and creates a gap in the DMCA safe harbor provisions that could have far-reaching implications on other sites.”

Source: IsoHunt Guilty of Inducing Infringement

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