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Helping Perl Packagers Package Perl

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jamie writes “chromatic has a great post today on the conflict between OS distributions’ and CPAN’s installations of perl modules, along with some suggestions for how to start resolving this maddening problem: ‘[Though Debian has] made plenty of CPAN distributions available as .debs, I have to configure my CPAN client myself, and it does not work with the system package manager. There’s no reason it couldn’t. Imagine that the system Perl 5 included in the default package… had a CPAN client configured appropriately. It has selected an appropriate mirror (or uses the redirector). It knows about installation paths. It understands how to use LWP…’ The idea of providing guidelines to distros for how to safely package modules is a great one. Could modules request (a modified?) test suite be run after distro-installation? Could Module::Build help module authors and distro maintainers establish the rules somehow?”

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