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Windows 7 May Finally Get IPv6 Deployed

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Esther Schindler writes “According to this article at IT Expert Voice, Windows 7 and IPv6: Useful at Last?, we’ve had so many predictions that this will be ‘the year of IPv6′ that most of us have stopped listening. But the network protocol may have new life breathed into it because IPv6 is a requirement for DirectAccess. DirectAccess, a feature in Windows 7, makes remote access a lot easier — and it doesn’t require a VPN. (Lisa Vaas interviews security experts and network admins to find out what they think of that idea.) The two articles examine the advantages and disadvantages of DirectAccess, with particular attention to the possibility that Microsoft’s sponsorship may give IPv6 the deployment push it has lacked.”

Source: Windows 7 May Finally Get IPv6 Deployed

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