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Intel Patches Flaws In Trusted Execution Tech

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An anonymous reader writes “Joanna Rutkowska’s company Invisible Things Lab has issued the results of their research into flaws in Intel’s Trusted Execution Technology (TXT), whose function is to provide a mechanism for safe loading of system software and to protect sensitive files. ITL describes how flaws in TXT can be used to compromise the integrity of a software loaded via an Intel TXT-based loader in a generic way, fully circumventing any protection TXT is supposed to provide. The attack exploits an implementation error in the so-called SINIT Authenticated Code modules and that could potentially allow a malicious attacker to elevate their privileges. Intel has released a patch for the affected chipsets, which include the Q35, GM45, PM45 Express, Q45, and Q43 Express.” Here are ITL’s press release and Intel’s advisory (both PDF).

Source: Intel Patches Flaws In Trusted Execution Tech

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