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Scientists Crack ‘Entire Genetic Code’ of Cancer

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Entropy98 writes “Scientists have unlocked the entire genetic code of skin and lung cancer. From the article: ‘Not only will the cancer maps pave the way for blood tests to spot tumors far earlier, they will also yield new drug targets, say the Wellcome Trust team. The scientists found the DNA code for a skin cancer called melanoma contained more than 30,000 errors almost entirely caused by too much sun exposure. The lung cancer DNA code had more than 23,000 errors largely triggered by cigarette smoke exposure. From this, the experts estimate a typical smoker acquires one new mutation for every 15 cigarettes they smoke. Although many of these mutations will be harmless, some will trigger cancer.’ Yet another step towards curing cancer. Though it will probably take many years to study so many mutations.”

Source: Scientists Crack ‘Entire Genetic Code’ of Cancer

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