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Microsoft eOpen Site Down For Nearly a Week

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mauriceh writes “Since Monday Dec. 7, the Microsoft eOpen license website has been mostly ‘Down for Maintenance.’ When we do not see this message, we still do not see most of the normal functionality. As this is Microsoft’s main channel for managing and installing licenses for products such as Server, and for open license products for business, this makes the company effectively ‘closed for business!’ Attempts to connect to https://eopen.microsoft.com/ are redirected (after a bad certificate warning) to https://www.microsoft.com/licensing/servicecenter/sitemaintenance.html. For those who wish to activate Microsoft Business Solutions software need to obtain Software Registration keys, and these also can not be obtained, as the site http://www.microsoft.com/BusinessSolutions/MBSRegistration does not resolve; instead one gets a Microsoft Search page. Telephone calls to their support numbers for the licensing program yield either busy signals, or a message saying one should ‘call back later.’”

Source: Microsoft eOpen Site Down For Nearly a Week

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