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Ambassador Claims ACTA Secrecy Necessary

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I Don’t Believe in Imaginary Property writes “According to Ambassador Ron Kirk, the head of US Trade Representatives, the secrecy around the ACTA copyright treaty is necessary because without that secrecy, people would be ‘walking away from the table.’ If you don’t remember, that treaty is the one where leaks indicate that it may contain all sorts of provisions for online copyright enforcement, like a global DMCA with takedown and anti-circumvention restrictions, three-strikes laws to terminate offending internet connections, and copyright cops. FOIA requests for the treaty text have been rebuffed over alleged ‘national security’ concerns. One can only hope that what he has said is true and that sites like Wikileaks will help tear down the veil of secrecy behind which they’re negotiating our future.”

Source: Ambassador Claims ACTA Secrecy Necessary

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