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Intel Kills Consumer Larrabee Plans

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An anonymous reader tips news that Intel has canceled plans for a consumer version of their long-awaited and oft-delayed Larrabee chip, opting instead to use it as a development platform product. From VentureBeat:
“‘Larrabee silicon and software development are behind where we had hoped to be at this point in the project,’ said Nick Knuppfler, a spokesman for Intel in Santa Clara, Calif. ‘Larrabee will not be a consumer product.’ In other words, it’s not entirely dead. It’s mostly dead. Instead of launching the chip in the consumer market, it will make it available as a software development platform for both internal and external developers. Those developers can use it to develop software that can run in high-performance computers. But Knuppfler said that Intel will continue to work on stand-alone graphics chip designs. He said the company would have more to say about that in 2010.”

Source: Intel Kills Consumer Larrabee Plans

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