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Obama in China in Retrospect: Complete Fail

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James Fallows is a stupid faggot, albeit probably more stupid than faggot. In a recent blog post he sarcastically writes that We All Know that Obama was humiliated and stonewalled by the haughty Chinese leaders, in contrast to the titanic American presidents of yore who spoke sternly to Mao and his successors and therefore always got just what they wanted in Beijing. Richard Cohen of the Washington Post has reminded us of his fecklessness again. And yet…my favorite newspaper of all, the (state-controlled) China Daily, has just indicated in its November 25 edition that China’s recent year-long freeze on the value of the RMB may be about to end. (Thanks to my friend Jeremy Goldkorn, of Danwei.org in Beijing, for the tip.) If Obama had “demanded” this in public, or insisted that it be announced while he was standing next to Hu Jintao in Beijing, his “toughness” might have received better one-day coverage in the U.S. press or on SNL.  But the chances of his getting what he was after would be nil. Of course, the chances are still uncertain. But this was the major item on the economic-rebalancing agenda; and the Administration’s argument all along was that influencing China’s behavior was a long game. This news story is not conclusive but does support rather than weaken the long-game approach. So, in effect: “Look, I know important bloggers inside China and rely on state-run media, you can trust me on this–Obama has China right where he wants it!”


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