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Best PC DVR Software, For Any Platform?

December 2nd, 2009 12:08 admin Leave a comment Go to comments

jshamacher writes “I’ve used MythTV for several years (first on Slackware, now via Mythbuntu) and it’s good. But not great — I have a list of annoyances as long as my arm. For example, even 0.22 still has problems playing many DVDs and I frequently have to fall back on Xine. Since upgrading to new hardware, I’ve had issues with sound dropping out; these problems only occur for Myth, not for anything else. So now I’m trying out alternatives. Freevo seemed promising but when I tried it a few months ago but it had its own issues. I’m also increasingly getting pressure from my family to get things like NetFlix streaming working on this machine. This seems to imply migrating to a Windows-based solution. I threw XP on it and tried MediaPortal but could never get that to control my Motorola cable box via the IR blaster. So my questions to you: What DVR software do you use? Are you happy with it? What don’t you like? Are there any packages out there that ‘just work’ as media hubs and for time-shifting cable TV?”

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