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Augmented Reality and Privacy

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An anonymous reader recommends a piece up at Augmented Planet that makes a couple of points about privacy in the realm of geotagging and augmented reality that haven’t been discussed much. First, once you geotag and upload, say, a photo to the Net you can lose ownership over the data and especially its metadata. Second, data on the Net is long-lived and might be put together in ways you wouldn’t like, long after it was created. “If you geotag a picture with your new 50″ plasma TV in the background and upload it to the Web, congratulations you have just told everyone where you live and what you have of value. The web has a long memory — geotag something today and in six months it is still on the Web. When you tweet from the beach in Barbados telling your friends you are away for 2 weeks, that picture of your 50″ plasma will still be out there along with its location. It’s easy to track down someone’s home address if you have their real name.” The submitter adds, “I never really cared about my online privacy too much. This article made me think seriously about privacy for the first time. No mean feat.”

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