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Network Security While Traveling?

November 29th, 2009 11:08 admin Leave a comment Go to comments

truesaer writes “I’ll be spending all of next year backpacking through South America. In the past I’ve used Internet cafes while away, but this time I plan to bring a netbook and rely primarily on Wi-Fi hotspots. I’ll be facing the same issues and risks that business travelers in hotels and airports face, as well as those encountered by millions of other backpackers, gap-year travelers, and students. Since my trip is so long I’ll have no choice but to access my banking, credit card, and investment accounts on public networks. I will not have a system at home to connect through. Other than an effective firewall, a patched system, and the use of SSL, what else should I do to protect my information? Keep in mind that many places have very poor bandwidth and latency.”

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