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Security Firms Can’t Protect iPhone From Threats

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nk497 writes “F-Secure researchers are calling attention to the fact that it’s impossible to run third-party anti-virus on iPhones, because the SDK doesn’t allow for it. It’s a problem, as they claim malware will start to target the phone. ‘None of the existing anti-virus vendors can make one, without help from Apple,’ chief research officer Mikko Hypponen said. ‘Apple hasn’t been too interested in developing antivirus solutions for the iPhone, because there are no viruses, which of course, isn’t exactly true.’ At the moment, the only worms faced by the iPhone have targeted unlocked, jailbroken devices — so Apple’s not too bothered protecting users of such phones.” While Apple claims that the iPhone’s closed nature offers protection to its users, and security vendors maneuver for a piece of a market now closed to them, clearly both sides are pushing their own self-interest.

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