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Apple Asks Judge To Shutter Psystar’s Clone Unit

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CWmike writes “Apple wants a federal judge to shut down Psystar’s Mac clone operation and order the company to pay more than $2.1 million in damages, according to court documents. The move was the first by Apple since US District Court Judge William Alsup ruled that Psystar violated Apple’s copyright and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act when it installed Mac OS X on clones it sold. Alsup’s Nov. 13 order, which granted Apple’s motion for summary judgment and quashed Psystar’s similar request, was a crushing blow to the Florida company’s legal campaign. In a motion filed Monday, Apple asked Alsup to grant a permanent injunction that would force Psystar to stop selling any computer bundled with Mac OS X; using, selling or even owning software that lets it crack Apple’s OS encryption key to trick Mac OS X to run on non-Apple hardware; and ‘inducing, aiding or inducing others in infringing Apple’s copyright.’” Groklaw has summarized Apple’s request as well, and noted that Apple has also filed a motion to dismiss Psystar’s litigation in Florida (or transfer it to California, where the above injunction was filed).

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