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Nvidia’s DX11 GF100 Graphics Processor Detailed

November 24th, 2009 11:05 admin

J. Dzhugashvili writes “While it’s played up the general-purpose computing prowess of its next-gen GPU architecture, Nvidia has talked little about Fermi’s graphics capabilities — to the extent that some accuse Nvidia of turning its back on PC gaming. Not so, says The Tech Report in a detailed architectural overview of the GF100, the first Fermi-based consumer graphics processor. Alongside a wealth of technical information, the article includes enlightening estimates and direct comparisons with AMD’s Radeon HD 5870. The GF100 will be up to twice as fast as the GeForce GTX 285, the author reckons, but the gap with the Radeon HD 5870 should be ‘a bit more slender.’ Still, Nvidia may have the fastest consumer GPU ever on its hands — and far from forsaking games, Fermi has been built as a graphics processor first and foremost.”

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