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How Augmented Reality Browsers Stack Up For Navigating London

November 22nd, 2009 11:40 admin

We’ve mentioned the tantalizing possibilities of augmented reality here several times, including Microsoft’s stab (using scene recognition) at an information overlay for cell phones, and some display technologies that could make a Terminator-style information overlay on the real world possible without even looking down at a screen, including both glasses with microdisplays and contact lenses. An anonymous reader points to this two-part review of several cell phone apps, in which the writer has “tested several mobile augmented reality browsers and their ability to find places to eat and function as a tourist guide by identifying tourist attractions in London,” writing, “This is the first review I have seen where all the browsers have been compared together; what’s interesting is all the browsers use different data sources, and so either miss popular locations or give the wrong location.”

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