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Stargate: Universe, Train Wreck In Progress.

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Stargate: Universe (SGU) is the latest television series based on the movie Stargate. SGU is set primarily on the spaceship Destiny, which is 100,000 years old and billions of light years away from Earth. The crew is entirely human and traveled to Destiny via a wormhole which needed to be powered by the core of a planet. They have communication with Earth, and the technology used to do this is fuel for the producers’s fantasies. They use ancient technology in the form of stones that allow them to swap bodies with people over vast distances instantaneously. The bodies remain where they are, but the consciousnesses are transferred for as long as the machine the stones are placed on remains active. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to swap bodies with one of your co-workers and have sex with your wife using his body, SGU is the show for you. The most recent episode (available on Hulu or Google Search) has this happening with the commander of the Destiny, Col. Young. However due to a glitch his colleague returns to his body momentarily in the act of coitus with Young’s wife.


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