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How To Enter Equations Quickly In Class?

October 29th, 2009 10:36 admin

AdmiralXyz writes “I’m a university student, and I like to take notes on my (non-tablet) computer whenever possible, so it’s easier to sort, categorize, and search through them later. Trouble is, I’m going into higher and higher math classes, and typing “f_X(x) = integral(-infinity, infinity, f(x,y) dy)” just isn’t cutting it anymore: I need a way to get real-looking equations into my notes. I’m not particular about the details, the only requirement is that I need to keep up with the lecture, so it has to be fast, fast, fast. Straight LaTeX is way too slow, and Microsoft’s Equation Editor isn’t even worth mentioning. The platform is not a concern (I’m on a MacBook Pro and can run either Windows or Ubuntu in a virtual box if need be), but the less of a hit to battery life, the better. I’ve looked at several dedicated equation editing programs, but none of them, or their reviews, make any mention of speed. I’ve even thought about investing in a low-end Wacom tablet (does anyone know if there are ultra-cheap graphics tablets designed for non-artists?), but I figured I’d see if anyone at Slashdot has a better solution.”

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